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20 January 2018
Egyptian Jewelry, What Is The That Means Behind The Symbols?

Egyptian Jewelry, What Is The That Means Behind The Symbols?

Did you know that Egyptian jewellery could be very standard? Egyptian Jewelry usually gets roughly 30,000 online searches per month. When you get more particular with the type of Egyptian jewelry, one can find even more visitors searching for Egyptian jewelry.

One such search word is the cartouche. A cartouche in Egyptian tradition is basically a name plate. A cartouche was originally hooked up to the coffins of the kings and queens. Later, individuals would hire artists to create a cartouche for his or her coffin. It was believed by the Egyptian people, that if you happen to had your name written down somewhere, you wouldn't disappear when you die. A cartouche is now very fashionable to wear as jewelry. Now you may have your name written in hieroglyphics. The cartouche makes a stupendous jewellery piece, sterling silver with lovely 18k gold symbols.

One other type of Egyptian jewelry is the Ankh. The Ankh is the symbol of life. it's also the image of Christianity. It is a simple loop in the design of a cross. It may be simple or ornate. Necklaces such as the cross or the Ankh could be personal, yet be a proclamation of your faith.

Have you ever heard of the Scarab? A Scarab is the symbol for renewal and rebirth. Not only was Egyptian jewelry beautiful, but it surely had religious and magical meaning.

Not only are symbols necessary in Egyptian Jewellery, however the metal and the gems are also meaningful. The popular materials in this type of bijou are: Jasper, Malachite, Lapiz and Turquois are essential gemstones in addition to Silver, Gold, and Bronze.

If you want a conversation piece, put on a cartouche along with your name in hieroglyphics and everybody you understand will stop to admire it and ask you about it.

The cartouche can look very dressy. It may be simple or very ornate. A sterling silver cartouche can begin round $50. Nevertheless a pleasant 18k gold cartouche can price effectively over a thousand dollars. Immediately the cartouche is a blend of ancient designs and modern look. You can also buy a cartouche ring, rather than a necklace. Have you heard of the Ka bracelet? I love the look of this bracelet, with the lotus flower, which symbolizes the circle of life and death . Additionally it is inlaid with gemstones. It's a beautiful piece of jewelry. I recommend searching on-line for a Ka bracelet.