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20 January 2018
Printed Lanyards

Printed Lanyards

Not all advertising tools have to be like billboards to be effective. Recent changes in the marketing and advertising trend has led advertisers to set their eyes on much smaller spaces that give them cost-effective and maximized benefits. Among these newer promotional tools are the printed lanyards.

Printed lanyards are basically the straps with prints, thus the term screen printed lanyards. While they are not as large as T shirts or billboards, they are, nonetheless, effective in reaching to the public. Like these much larger advertising tools, screen printed lanyards, regardless if they are for promotions or just for everyday company personnel use, work well as carriers of company logo and company name.

As promo tools, screen printed promotional lanyards can be handed as giveaway items as well as incentives during school campaigns, concerts, trade shows and other large gatherings. They can also be sold as novelty items of a specific company like the branded lanyards.

But the purposes of printed lanyards go beyond promotions and advertising. These can be used to identify personnel, workers, employees, and students without having to look at their IDs. In a way, they give added security since they discourage unauthorized people from entering the premises of specific events or places that require the use of a uniform lanyard.

Lanyards, especially the security lanyards, are very functional as well. They can be made to secure a variety of objects, usually closest to the user. For example, security lanyards can be made to hold small items like compass, identification badges and cards, keys, mobile phones, eyeglasses, knife, drinking bottles and others. These come in handy in workplaces and industries that rely heavily on practical objects.

There is a wide array of styles when it comes to printed lanyards, be it neck lanyard, promotional lanyard, security lanyard or other types of lanyards, that are offered both online and off line. There is also a full range of materials that can be made into lanyards. They can be as simple as a neck lanyard that is made from fancy shoe lace or as sophisticated as the embroidered, beaded and jeweled types. The most common types, however, are the strap-like lanyards that are made from high-grade nylon or cotton materials which are sturdy enough to hold even heavy objects.

Lanyards are definitely ordinary objects but they serve really good purposes. If you are considering to purchase lanyards, it is highly recommended for you to first review the purpose you intend for the usage of this material. Afterwards, contact a reliable supplier that you can trust.

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